Tiny-Noggins Play Houses

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An exciting adventure tale, a ‘Latvian Karlsson-on-the-Roof’ in which a child’s imagination discovers an incredible yet completely realistic parallel world that lives side by side with the real one. The book is dominated by a fantastic yet realistic atmosphere.
Anna is six. She is the only person who has ever met tiny-noggins, a family that lives in a tiny flat between the ground floor and first floor of the building. Anna is also the one who helps the faceless tiny-noggins by filling in their missing features. When Anna’s parents move to a new flat, the tiny-noggins are no longer there. And yet in the middle of winter it suddenly turns out that they are now residing in Anna’s parent’s country house. ‘People go where their tiny-noggins go. And vice versa. Presuming they still have their own tiny-noggins.’ The tiny-noggins have their own social life and habits, as well as history and geography; furthermore, this is confirmed not only by Anna’s games but also by facts universally recognised in the grownup world. Tiny-noggins, as well as some other inhabitants of this unusual world, like the aggressive tree-stump Igidok, under orders to destroy everything that’s old, could well be playing a much more significant role in the human life than it might seem. Anna risks her life to save the old tiny-noggin who is able to tell her the history of the tiny-noggins and of her own family.
Source: liels un mazs

2008: received the International Jānis Baltvilks Award in Children's Literature.

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Mazgalvīši spēlē mājas


Liels un mazs

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2007, Rīga