Pingus Posta piedzīvojumi

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A documentary fairytale in the form of a witty comic book – the story of an unlucky wretch (the protagonist’s name could be loosely translated as Whimper Wretch) who was found in sauerkraut.
The boy is fighting his destiny as a permanent loser: a new trap is waiting for him on each step. Even an accidental witness of random situations in Pingus Posts’ life – and that’s exactly the role of the writer who is only relating events she has seen with her own eyes – gets a bruise and bump or two from the endless string of misfortunes that lie in store for Pingus Posts.
The artist Kristians Šics has depicted the anecdotal events of Pingus Posts’ life in funny picture strips, complementing the text with visual witticisms. And yet Pingus is not alone in the seemingly hopeless struggle against blind fate; at the crucial moment Grandmotherwith her unusual shopping bag always arrives to the boy’s assistance. The quiet and kind-hearted boy never loses his cheerful spirits or clear head and sticks it out till the fate loosens its grip.
The artist was awarded the Special Prize of the Zelta ābele (Golden Apple-Tree) panel of experts; the book won the Children Jury’s Award.
Source: liels un mazs

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Pingus Posta piedzīvojumi


Liels un mazs

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2006, Rīga