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NameJānis Joņevs
SummaryJānis Joņevs (1980) is a prose writer. His first novel "Jelgava '94" is set in Jelgava town in 1994 and focuses on a generation which experienced their youth in the nineties when Latvia had just regained independence.
Personal informationJānis Joņevs was born on March 21, 1980 in Jelgava.
He graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture.
Since 2002: he has been working as a copywriter, reviewer and translator from French.
Work2013: his first novel "Jelgava ‘94" was published. It has been praised and widely discussed by critics and readers alike. It received the 1 Kg of Culture Prize awarded by the LTV 1 culture programme 100 G of Culture; in the TV show Great Reading it was named among a hundred of the most favourite Latvian books of all time; the Children Jury (a project involving young readers from all over Latvia) chose the book as the favourite reading in the age group 15+; and "Jelgava ‘94" has been awarded the Annual Latvian Literature Award as the best debut in 2013. Jānis Joņevs received the European Union Prize for Literature 2014.


2013: Jelgava '94.

Children's books

2014: Slepenie svētki [Secret Celebration].
Quotations"Joņevs’s debut in the genre of novel has proved to be a real hit and bestseller in Latvia. The story is centred in the 1990s in the town of Jelgava and the rather shortlived craze for the alternative culture of heavy metal music. The atmosphere is seen from the ‘inside’ – the text incorporates elements of both an intimate diary of a youngster trying to find himself by joining a subculture and a skilful, detailed and almost documentary depiction of recent history, i.e. the beginnings of the second independence of Latvia. As an additional bonus, the story seems even more captivating for the generation sharing the same perception of the world – Joņevs is the first among them who has managed to stir their memories by transforming them into full-fledged literature."
play writer
prose writer
Birth time/place21.03.1980
Jelgavas 2. ģimnāzija
Mātera iela 44, Jelgava
Mātera iela 44, Jelgava, LV-3001

Jelgava State 2nd Gymnasium

Latvian Academy of Culture
Ludzas iela 24, Rīga
Ludzas iela 24, Rīga, LV-1003

Bachelor's and master's degree

Working place2002
He has been working as a copywriter, reviewer and translator from French.
Travelled1990 (Date is approximate)
Alūksne, Alūksnes novads

(pēc autora sniegtajām ziņām)

RewardsSabiedrisko mediju balva "Kilograms kultūras"
Jelgava '94
Balva piešķirta par romānu "Jelgava 94".
Literatūra un grāmatniecība

Eiropas Savienības Literatūras balva
Jelgava '94
Balva piešķirta par romānu "Jelgava 94".

Annual Latvian Literary Award
Jelgava '94
Balva piešķirta par grāmatu "Jelgava 94".

AKKA/LAA Autora balva
Jelgava '94
Balva piešķirta par romānu "Jelgava 94".

Autortiesību bezgalības balva
Jelgava '94
Autortiesību bezgalības balva par romānu "Jelgava '94": romāna fragments tika nolasīts Prozas lasījumos 2012 un publicēts žurnālā "Latvju Teksti". 2013. gada sākumā romānu apgāds "Mansards" izdeva grāmatā, tas pieejams arī elektroniskā versijā. 2015. gada 5.decembrī iestudēts Jelgavas Jaunajā teātrī (Riharda Svjatska dramatizējums).

Annual Latvian Literary Award
Balva piešķirta par stāstu krājumu "Tīģeris".
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#LocationDateTypeType of place
21.03.1980Birth time/placeCity
2Mātera iela 44, Jelgava
(Mātera iela 44, Jelgava, LV-3001)
1998EducationBuilding, house
3Ludzas iela 24, Rīga
(Ludzas iela 24, Rīga, LV-1003)
2002EducationBuilding, house
(Alūksne, Alūksnes novads)

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