Jacob Wilhelm Sielemann

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NameJacob Wilhelm Sielemann
Additional namesSīlmans
Name at birthSielmann, Sielemann
Personal informationJacob Wilhelm Sielemann (1757 - 1808).
Father - Johann Friedrich Sielemann (1712 - 1770) was a pastor at the Hallarts in Valmiera, then a pastor on Dole Island. He was an active member of the Moravian Church. Mother – Christiana Adolphi (1734-1807) was the granddaughter of Kurzeme Superintendent Heinrich Adolphi (1622 –1682), who was the author of Latvian Handbook (Lettisches Gebeht-Buch) and "The First Short Introduction to the Study of the Latvian Language" (Erstes Versuch Einer kurtz-verfasseten Ainleitung zur Lettischer Sprache) .
Wives: Christine Wilhelmine Sielmann (born Brockhusen), marriage registered in 1788; Margaret Elizabeth von Schröder, sister of Limbazi pastor Johann Karl von Schröder, a descendant of merchants, shipping companies, about 15 owners of Vidzeme estates.
After graduation he was an informant at Palsmane parish.

He was friends with his predecessor - Dickli, and later Liepupe (Pernigel) pastor Johann Christian Cleemann (1745-1805), at whose place Garlieb Merkel (1769-1850) worked as a tutor from 1788 to 1792.

He was interested in Latvian traditions, folklore. He is the most likely source of the folk songs sent from Dikļi and included in the book "Second Collection of Latvian Folk Wisdom and Epigrams" (Zweite Sammlung lettischer Sinn oder Stegreifsgedichte) published by G. Bergmann. The collection contains 8 folk songs form Dikļi.

LinksHeinrihs Ādolfijs (1622–1686) - Grandfather
folklore collector
Birth time/place16.05.1757
Doles mācītājmuiža
"Doles", Salaspils pagasts, Salaspils novads, LV-2121
EducationUnknown – 1778 (Date is approximate)
lat. Schola Carolina
Mazā Pils iela 4, Rīga
Mazā Pils iela 4, Rīga, LV-1050

1778 (Date is approximate)
Jena, Thuringia, Germany
Working place1786 – 1808
Dikļu evaņģēliski luteriskā draudze
Dikļu baznīca
"Dikļu baznīca", Dikļi, Dikļu pagasts, Valmieras novads, LV-4223
Place/time of death16.06.1808
Dikļi, Dikļu pagasts, Valmieras novads

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#LocationDateTypeType of place
1Doles mācītājmuiža
("Doles", Salaspils pagasts, Salaspils novads, LV-2121)
16.05.1757Birth time/placeManor house
(Dikļi, Dikļu pagasts, Valmieras novads)
16.06.1808Place/time of deathVillage
3Mazā Pils iela 4, Rīga
(Mazā Pils iela 4, Rīga, LV-1050)
1778EducationBuilding, house
(Jena, Thuringia, Germany)
5Dikļu baznīca
("Dikļu baznīca", Dikļi, Dikļu pagasts, Valmieras novads, LV-4223)
1786 - 1808Working placeChurch

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